Ariaboard is a cost-effective SoM, drastically reduce the development time needed to design a low-power and high performance Linux Embedded device. We provide the Aria Board, Aria Extension Board, as well as other services.

Easy to customise

Ariaboard SoM = Simple, Fast & Solid!

  • TI Cortex™-A8 AM3352 600MHz, 800MHz or 1GHz
  • 256/512MiB DDR3L 800MHz
  • SLC NAND / eMMC on Stamp Board
  • Ethernet, USB & Audio Codec on Stamp Board
  • Shipping with Ubuntu 14.04 OS
  • Worldwide Shipping.
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It's the time to put your Beaglebone software into real life products! Benefits:

  • Industrial Strength

    • Texas Instruments SoC
    • State-of-Art 6 Layer PCB
    • 5mm x 5mm Stamp Board
    • Wide Operation Temperature
    • Low Power <1W
    • 10 Years Availability
    • 200k+ Annual Shipping

  • Flexible/Rich Features

    • CAN, UART, SPI, I2C, I2S
    • Integrated Touch Screen Controller
    • Digital MEMS Mic Support
    • WiFi, Bluetooth & IR Solutions
    • Dual EMAC Ethernet Solutions
    • Lithium battery charge/discharge management
    • Parallel extensions to facilitate interconnection FPGA, DSP, video cameras
  • Software Ready

    • Kernel 3.2 (Based on Official)
    • U-boot 2013.04
    • Ubuntu 14.04 armhf
    • WinCE, Android, VxWorks, etc.
  • Applictions

    • Human Machine Interface
    • POS Machine
    • Music Player, VoIP
    • Industrail Meters
    • Home Router, File Server