Aria Ti am335x Bootup Sequence

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An Aria am335x (Ti AM335X) can boot with different sources, but the chip follows a boot up sequence as follows: (a typical Linux SD card boot up)

  1. Boot ROM (Code Burned in Chip, unchangeable)
  2. U-Boot (file: MLO, file:u-boot.img)
  3. Linux Kernel (uImage)
  4. Rootfs (/sbin/init)

Boot ROM

Boot ROM is a piece of code inside AM335x chip, and its purpose is to read software code based on the settings of boot sequence selector.


U-Boot is first software code AM335x boots with, and it does basic hardware (RAM, flash storage, Networking) initialisation and used to set up parameters for Linux Kernel to boot up.

Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel handles the core features of a Linux system, as well as other drivers initiation which later being used by user space programs


A Rootfs can be either your custom built rootfs, an armhf ubuntu or Android images.