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Here we will use a official AARCH64 openwrt image + custom kernel and uboot to create a fully working openwrt on G2E.


Ubuntu 20.04 pre-install apts

apt install git build-essential flex bison

Fetch RZ/G2E Linux SDK

###git clone ### or wget ###
cd rzg2-linux-sdk
git submodule update --init

Build RZG2 Flash Burner

cd rzg2-flash-writer

Build ARM Trusted Firmware

cd arm-trusted-firmware

Build U-Boot

cd renesas-u-boot-cip

Installation Process

We need to follow these steps:

  1. Install kernel & rootfs to a SD CARD (on PC)
  2. connect UART console to Linux PC, set jumper to download mode, power on the dev board.
  3. use minicom (115,200bps send file [Flash Burner .mot] with ASCII mode)
  4. Use flash burner bootloader to eMMC (ARM Trusted Firmware and U-boot) see the table below.
  5. Power off and insert the SD CARD, and power on. booting from eMMC, interrupt the countdown prompt, boot kernel and rootfs from the SD CARD.
  6. Now copy kernel and rootfs from the SD CARD to eMMC.
  7. Reboot and DONE!

Boot Flash Burner from serial port

Set serial port of PC to 115200bps, 8N1. Set boot mode of board to download mode. Connect Debug port of board to the serial port of PC. Power on the board, then something like "please send !" will be printed on terminal.

Upload file rzg2-flash-writer/AArch64_output/AArch64_Flash_writer_SCIF_DUMMY_CERT_E6300400_ek874.mot with ASCII mode. After uploading, prompt ">" will appear in terminal.

Install ARM Trusted Firmware & U-Boot

Filename Program Top Address eMMC Save Partition eMMC Save Sectors Description
arm-trusted-firmware/deploy/bootparam_sa0.srec E6320000 boot partition1 000000 Loader(Boot parameter)
arm-trusted-firmware/deploy/bl2.srec E6304000 boot partition1 00001E Loader
arm-trusted-firmware/deploy/cert_header_sa6.srec E6320000 boot partition1 000180 Loader(Certification)
arm-trusted-firmware/deploy/bl31.srec 44000000 boot partition1 000200 ARM Trusted Firmware
renesas-u-boot-cip/deploy/u-boot-elf.srec 50000000 boot partition2 000000 U-boot

Use EM_W command to write S-record file into eMMC. e.g:

EM_W Start --------------
Please select,eMMC Partition Area.
 0:User Partition Area   : 30535680 KBytes
  eMMC Sector Cnt : H'0 - H'03A3DFFF
 1:Boot Partition 1      : 16384 KBytes
  eMMC Sector Cnt : H'0 - H'00007FFF
 2:Boot Partition 2      : 16384 KBytes
  eMMC Sector Cnt : H'0 - H'00007FFF
  Select area(0-2)>1                                         <<<< Enter "1" here
-- Boot Partition 1 Program -----------------------------
Please Input Start Address in sector :0000                   <<<< Enter "0000" here
Please Input Program Start Address : E6320000                <<<< Enter "E6320000" here
Work RAM(H'50000000-H'50FFFFFF) Clear....
please send ! ('.' & CR stop load)
SAVE -FLASH.......
EM_W Complete!

eMMC Boot Settings

Please note that for eMMC booting, the following EXT_CSD registers need to be modified:

EXT_CSD[B1] = 0x0A
EXT_CSD[B3] = 0x08

Use EM_SECSD command to modify EXT CSD registers:

  Please Input EXT_CSD Index(H'00 - H'1FF) :b1
  EXT_CSD[B1] = 0x00
  Please Input Value(H'00 - H'FF) :a
  EXT_CSD[B1] = 0x0A

  Please Input EXT_CSD Index(H'00 - H'1FF) :b3
  EXT_CSD[B1] = 0x00
  Please Input Value(H'00 - H'FF) :8
  EXT_CSD[B1] = 0x08

Check Bootloader

Power off the board. Set boot mode to eMMC boot. Then power on. It should be able to boot into u-boot:

[    0.000096] NOTICE:  BL2: RZ G2E Initial Program Loader(CA53)
[    0.004372] NOTICE:  BL2: Initial Program Loader(Rev.2.0.7)
[    0.009905] NOTICE:  BL2: PRR is RZG G2E Ver.1.1
[    0.014478] NOTICE:  BL2: PLL1 nonSSCG Clock select
[    0.019327] NOTICE:  BL2: Board is EK874 RZ/G2E Rev.1.0
[    0.024502] NOTICE:  BL2: Boot device is eMMC(50MHz x8)
[    0.029682] NOTICE:  BL2: LCM state is CM
[    0.033647] NOTICE:  BL2: 0x400000000 - 0x47fffffff, 2 GiB
[    0.039080] NOTICE:  BL2: DDR1856(rev.0.12)
[    0.043231] NOTICE:  BL2: [COLD_BOOT]
[    0.048483] NOTICE:  BL2: DRAM Split is OFF
[    0.051179] NOTICE:  BL2: QoS is default setting(rev.0.05)
[    0.056622] NOTICE:  BL2: DRAM refresh interval 3.9 usec
[    0.068842] NOTICE:  BL2: v1.5(release):61eac60f5-dirty
[    0.072573] NOTICE:  BL2: Built : 19:44:42, Dec 16 2020
[    0.077761] NOTICE:  BL2: Normal boot
[    0.081399] NOTICE:  BL2: eMMC boot from partition 1
[    0.086539] NOTICE:  BL2: Load dst=0xe6312100 src=(p:1)0x30000(384) len=0x200(1)
[    0.093922] NOTICE:  BL2: Load dst=0x43f00000 src=(p:1)0x30400(386) len=0x1800(12)
[    0.101589] NOTICE:  BL2: Load dst=0x44000000 src=(p:1)0x40000(512) len=0x10000(128)
[    0.110783] NOTICE:  BL2: Load dst=0x50000000 src=(p:2)0x0(0) len=0x100000(2048)
[    0.139578] NOTICE:  BL2: Booting BL31

U-Boot 2018.09-g3bc3f7369f-dirty (Dec 17 2020 - 16:51:50 +0900)

CPU: Renesas Electronics R8A774C0 rev 1.1
Model: Silicon Linux EK874 RZ/G2E board
DRAM:  1.9 GiB
Bank #0: 0x048000000 - 0x0bfffffff, 1.9 GiB

Watchdog: Not found by seq!
WDT:   [email protected]
Watchdog: Started!
MMC:   [email protected]: 0, [email protected]: 1
Loading Environment from MMC... OK
In:    [email protected]
Out:   [email protected]
Err:   [email protected]
Error: [email protected] address not set.
eth-1: [email protected]
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  2 

Build Linux Kernel

cd linux-cip

Create root filesystem

Prepare a SD card with capacity of 1GB or more. Use partition tool like fdisk, create 2 partitions on SD card: first partition should be FAT16/32, with size at least 64MiB, secord partition should be ext4, size should be at least 256MiB. Copy files below into first partition:


Download OpenWRT 19.04 official image for AArch64:

Restore rootfs to SD card by command below (replace /dev/sdb2 with the real device path of the second patition on your SD card):

gunzip -c openwrt-19.07.4-armvirt-64-root.ext4.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdb2 bs=1M status=progress

Mount new rootfs to your system:

sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt

Change serial port device path:

sudo sed -i 's/ttyAMA0/ttySC0/g' /mnt/etc/inittab

Extract kernel modules:

sudo tar -xzf linux-cip/deploy/g2e-openwrt/openwrt-modules.tar.gz -C /mnt

If you want to run OpenWRT on eMMC, you can copy openwrt-19.07.4-armvirt-64-root.ext4.gz to SD card.

Unmount rootfs:

sudo umount /dev/sdb2

Boot kernel & rootfs from SD card

At u-boot auto booting count down, press enter to break into u-boot command-line. Use commands below to boot from SD card:

setenv bootargs 'root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait rw'
fatload mmc 0:1 0x48080000 Image; fatload mmc 0:1 0x48000000 r8a774c0-rzg2e-novotech.dtb; booti 0x48080000 - 0x48000000

The device path of SD card is /dev/mmcblk0, and the path of eMMC is /dev/mmcblk2. Kernel and rootfs can be written into eMMC with the same partition structure as SD card.

Create root filesystem on eMMC

ifconfig br-lan
brctl delif br-lan eth0
udhcpc -i eth0
opkg update
opkg install fdisk dosfstools e2fsprogs
fdisk /dev/mmcblk2

Use fdisk to create partitions just like the partitions on SD card. Then copy necessary files to eMMC:

mkfs.fat /dev/mmcblk2p1

mkdir -p /boot
mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /boot #SDCARD
mount /dev/mmcblk2p1 /mnt #eMMC
cp -v /boot/* /mnt/
umount /mnt

gunzip -c /openwrt-19.07.4-armvirt-64-root.ext4.gz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk2p2 bs=1M
mount /dev/mmcblk2p2 /mnt
sed -i 's/ttyAMA0/ttySC0/g' /mnt/etc/inittab
tar -xzf /boot/openwrt-modules.tar.gz -C /mnt
umount /mnt

Then reboot system, it will boot from eMMC normally.

System Configuration

Set root password:


Install luci:

ifconfig br-lan
brctl delif br-lan eth0
udhcpc -i eth0
opkg update
opkg install luci luci-base
/etc/init.d/uhttpd enable

Known problems

Set MAC address of ethernet card

You can set MAC address in u-boot, press Enter key when u-boot is waiting for interrupting, then set MAC address with commands below:

setenv ethaddr "AC:F3:5F:1E:87:53"

You can replace the address with the one you want.