Aria Rockchip RK3308 Linux SDK

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For Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libc6:i386 genext2fs libncurses-dev

Aria Rockchip RK3308 Linux SDK

git clone -b rk3308-evb-novotech-release --single-branch
cd rockchip_rk3308_linux_sdk
git submodule update --init

SDK Buildroot Configuration

cd buildroot
make O=output/novotech_rk3308_release menuconfig #Configure buildroot here.

SDK Build


Upload Firmware to Device

Connect the OTG port of Dev board to the USB port of PC, then:

tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool uf rockdev/update.img

If flash is empty or the bootloader on flash is different, you may need to clean the flash and uploader our bootloader:

tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool ef rockdev/MiniLoaderAll.bin